The 2023 Candidates


Candidate: Toby Ziegler 

Breed: Staffy-Bully-Akita mix & 100% Pure Bred Good Boi 

Platform/Desc: Hi! My name is Toby and I want to be your next Tryon Dog Mayor. I love Tryon and I love you so much and we’re going to be best frens. I was named after the White House Communications Director from the TV show The West Wing, but I am ready for more respawnsibility to step up and be your mayor. 

When I was a baby, me and all my brothers and sisters were abandoned in an alley in Dallas. But a nice lady rescued us and then took us to a big party with other doggos and that’s where I met my mom. I fell asleep on her shoulder and started snoring so she’d have to take me home. I’m strategic, which is an impawtent quality in a Dog Mayor. 

Even though I wasn’t born in Tryon, my mom grew up here and I’m so hap that I get to grow up here too! Tryon is the best. Everyone is a fren. And there are so many good places to walk and play and so many good sniffs to sniff. If you elect me to be your mayor, my friend Toby the Catto has pawmised to be the deputy mayor. Toby & Toby are your winning team! I work really well with everyone no matter what kind of doggo they are, even if they are a catto. 

I am a hard worker. You can see in my pictures I help my mom carry the leash for walkies. It’s my job and I take it very seriously. I am also a respawnsible big brother. I fostered two puppies this year and did such a good job taking care of them that my mom let me keep one! So now I have a little sister and I have been teaching her all about how to be a good girl. It’s a hard job, but I am a hard worker. 

I’m excited to have your vote for Tryon Dog Mayor and raise money to help abandoned doggos find their family like I did and to help Tryon thrive.

Age: 4

Favorite Food: Chimken



Breed: Jack Russell

Platform/Desc: I (Birch) patrol the Tryon Blvd daily. My perky demeanor and friendly charisma brightens every passerby. A few bold individuals have even offered to buy me! (Never happen) I humbly admit that I was the cutest and most lovable character at the TDA coffee chat at the Tryon Coffeehouse on Tuesday. I’ll be checking on all the interesting ideas and proposals that will keep my beautiful town attracting new visitors.  More peeps=more pats

Age: 3 years 9 months

Food: Dried Chicken strips



Nicknames: Cheesepossum, Pig

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier

Platform/Desc: Persephone was adopted in Raleigh years ago, but is now most certainly a mountain dog. Since leaving the flatlands and moving to Polk County, she has had run-ins with wild turkeys, roosters and even a skunk (but she made friends and played with all of them).

People think she looks mean, but she’s actually the nanny of the house, and is very protective of her 6 year old human brother Roman, her kitten little brother Hobbes, and bunny, Buster. 

Persephone has a strong platform of getting as filthy as possible outside, making Tryon and Polk County a better place for everyone, and barking. Lots and lots of barking. At anything and everything.

Age: 5

Food: Anything you’re willing to give her




Breed: Goberian (Husky/Retriever Mix)

Platform/Desc: You may remember Clyde from his campaign last year. Well he’s back, he’s still kinda cross-eyed, and he’s way less nervous about meeting you! Clyde was finally adopted last year by his long term foster folks/campaign managers, and loves hiking and walking around downtown. He’s SUPER weird, super sweet, and ready to serve!

Age: 6

Food: I think it’s still my turkey sandwich




Candidate: Laszlo/Lazzy/Laz

Breed: Lab/Akita Mix

Platform/Desc: Laszlo is a 4.5-year-old Lab/Akita mix we rescued from Greenville Animal Care Shelter. When we first rescued Laszlo, he was emaciated, sick with the flu, and had a parasite infestation. But like good Tryon mayor material, Laszlo overcame the hard times and has flourished since. He is now a plump gentleman who enjoys fine dining, listening to Nina Simone albums, and indulging in luxury treats. Laszlo is the pillar of southern hospitality and knows no strangers- everyone is a friend!

Age: 4.5 years old

Food: I am an equal opportunity snacker, but am man’s best friend and love my steak and potatoes!



Barkie Von Schnauzer

Breed: Giant Schnoodle

Platform/Desc: Barkee loves boating on the lake, hikes in the woods and rolling in the leaves during fall. Barkee wants to see more dog parks in Western N Carolina with shady places for pet parents to meet and relax. He wants clean streets, fresh water fountains on every corner, a bouncy ball and peace on earth. Barkee loves spending time at Noble Pet Lodge in Columbus with his pals & all the great outdoor events in Tryon

Age: 5.5

Food: Chicken jerky




Candidate: Conway aka Bubbas or BooBoos

Breed: English Redtick Coonhound

Platform/Desc: Conway is his mommas speckled sidekick, the baby’s best friend and loves making people laugh. He loves car rides, letting his ears down and long walks to the beach in Melrose Mountain. He is the family dog and is always up for shenanigans— I mean, adventures!

Age: 3 1/2 years

Food: Apple pie, Italian, BBQ




Breed: Labordoodle

Platform/Desc: The sweetest boy!  He’s so grateful to have been rescued.  He’s a cat lover. His boyfriend lives next door. He is pro spay/ neuter. He’s pro rescuing. Odin loves to meet new people, even the two legged ones!

Age: 1

Food: Anything!




Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Platform/Desc: Casey has a lot of energy and is often seen pondering as though he has grand ideas…He is a very sweet and kind soul, but takes swift action to defend his own when the situation calls.

Age: Almost 2

Food: Bread


aka Knucky
Breed: Boxer Hound Pitt mix
Platform/Desc: Knucklehead’s Paw-litical Platform:

1. Paws-itive Change for All:
I promise to make our city a tail-waggingly great place for everyone, whether you have two legs or four! I’ll work tirelessly to create more parks, dog-friendly spaces, and even set up some “Bark and Rec” centers for all our furry friends.

2. Biscuits for All:
o more bones of contention! I’ll ensure every pup gets their fair share of biscuits. And don’t worry, our city’s humans will get their fair share of treats too – in the form of improved public services!

3. Sniffing Out Corruption:
I have a keen nose for sniffing out anything fishy. And when I find it, not only will I eliminate it, I will roll in it!

4. Canine Education Reforms:
Let’s invest in education for our humans! From obedience training to agility courses, every human deserves the chance to learn to have fun from us Pups.

5. Doggonit, Let’s Have Fun:
We’ll host regular “Bark in the Park” festivals, agility competitions, and even a “Mayor’s Ball” where pups and humans alike can dance the night away. Because a happy city is a thriving city!

Remember, a vote for me is a vote for wagging tails, belly rubs, and a city that truly goes to the dogs – in the best way possible! Together, we’ll make this city the most pawsome place to call home. Knucklehead for Mayor!

Age: 14 years old

Food: Peanut butter dog cookies



aka Beau

Breed: French Bulldog

Platform/Desc: Beau takes responsibility very seriously and is a good communicator. He also lets loose and is a lot of fun, with a great sense of humor. He gets along well with others and is a team player.

Age: Beau will be 5 years old in Oct

Food: Loves scrambled eggs


Breed: Rough coat Jack Russell

Platform/Desc: Andy is 2.5 years old. He believes it’s his job to make everyone he meets smile and to brighten their day! He doesn’t know a stranger. His motto is “Today’s a great day! Be happy!” His favorite place is Harmon Field’s creek. He loves to rock dive. He truly makes everyday a better day. Ask his many friends at Harmon Field.

Age: 2.5

Food: Anything my mom eats.



Breed: Beagle

Platform/Desc: Hi guys! My name is Charlie and I am a working dog. I am currently serving my second owner. I am there to alert her when needed. Sometimes if she leaves me (which she is not supposed to do) I have to howl to make sure she knows where I am to come and get me! I sleep in her bed to make sure it is not too hot or too cold. Unofficially I am her food tester, I need to make sure that all food is safe for her to eat. The good thing is that I taste her food, your food, everyone’s food! I love all Huuuumans and furry friends alike. Please vote for me and help raise funds to support all of my friends who are waiting for their forever homes. Thank you!

Age: 6

Food: anything that you are eating…




Breed: Shih Tzu

Platform/Desc: A Black and white energetic puppy. Who loves face lickens and  neck snuggles.  He believes in a carefree lifestyle and should be allowed to relieve himself anywhere because thats why we have humans.

Age: 11 months

Food: This palate is under development, curious and adventurous



Breed: Jack Russell

Platform/Desc: To maintain the friendly vibe in the Friendliest Town in the South” with her expressive ears, wagging tail & a few quick licks if your lucky!

Age: 7

Food: Little cheese pieces




Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Platform/Desc: Mimosa is a 3 year old, 64lb American Staffordshire Terrier mix, with a friendly confidence who’s very smart and energetic!

She’s been at Foothills Humane Society for a year waiting for someone to adopt her.

Mimosa walks great on a leash and thoroughly enjoys exploring new trails and fields. She has a real appreciation for nature and will often stop and sniff so many things and sometimes nibble on them too. Especially tall grass, she can be in tall grass forever and be the happiest girl in the world.

Mimosa also loves the little pool. She can get overheated easily so being around lots of water sources are good for her. She will put her whole snout in sometimes and just blow bubbles, it’s so adorable.

Mimosa plays hard and naps soft! She plays with high energy and really has fun with other dogs her size that like to play a little rough too. If she’s with just you she likes tug of war, and by herself the giggle ball is her go to toy. Like most dogs, she’s very fond of a nice soft bed or couch or person to snuggle up to and sleep.

Mimosa would thrive in a home with other dogs her size, with older kids, and even with cats. She would want a family that can help her learn how to calm down when playtime is over.

Age: 3

Food: Mimosa doesn’t discriminate against treats – all treats are great!




Breed: Corgi

Platform/Desc: He will keep Tryon the way it is. Small town strong. Always be kind and wag for treats.

Age: 10

Food: Any treat!




Breed: Chiweenie

Platform/Desc: Everyone loves Babygirl and she loves everyone!

Age: 13

Food: Chicken




Breed: Great Pyrenees

Platform/Desc: Rosie joined the Codd family in July of 2023. When Isaac, the eldest child of the family, first met her at the Foothill Human Society he said, “this is the dog I have been dreaming of!”

Rosie will bring that same joy to Tryon. If elected, Rosie will eradicate all squirrels, sign a peace treaty with the cats, and double the available fire hydrants. Rest assured that you will be in good paws with Rosie’s leadership.

Age: 4

Food: Table scraps from the baby




Breed: Wheaten Terrier

Platform/Desc: Paddington is passionate about Tryon and offering his support and inspiration for the broader community.

He holds the belief that our motto “friendliest town in the South” applies to not only people but dogs.

Paddington has never met a stranger – just ask anyone at Tryon Bottle or Harmon Field!

He pledges to support fundraising efforts for the new pergola at Harmon Field’s Manzalnos – one of his favorite spots.  He thinks if we can raise the funds for this important addition it can bring our community closer!!

A vote for Paddington is a vote for friendliness

Age: 8

Food: Grits